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Senior Inspiration – {Lil’B Photography}

Rebecca Robson is a photographer from down under!  She owns a business called Lil’B Photography and is located in Brisbane, Australia.  She started out practicing her photography on doors and bookcases until a friend invited her to tag along on a shoot.  And the photography bug bit!  She has been pursuing this passion ever since.
“I have chosen to focus on Senior Photography because I get the most satisfaction from working with that age group. The whole process of photographing and editing a Senior Shoot leaves me buzzing,” said Rebecca.
Even though Rebecca says that senior photography is hardly ever practiced over here, she plans to educate the public and stick with is because it is what she loves!  And that definitely shows in the photos below!
I love the dramatic look of these photos with the wardrobe and makeup!  Check out this session below and read what Rebecca had to say about it!  Thanks Rebecca!
What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?
In 2 words – ‘Pelleron’s Art’. Pelleron is a photographer from Plzen in the Czech Republic and about 6 months ago I was inspired to do something with a photo she had taken of a gorgeous young woman sitting on a suitcase. I set about turning it into an editorial-like fashion shoot with the intent of using an ‘out there’ black wedding gown but all the vendors I contacted didn’t want to commit without first seeing some ‘model shots’. I should say that I also draw a lot of inspiration from Michelle Moore’s work too and it is my goal to get into the Senior Fashion Photography Industry. I love working with Seniors and I love doing styled editorial Fashion shoots – so to be able to do both full time as a profession would be a dream come true!
Where did this photo shoot take place?
Near the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia in a swampy bit of vacant land I had seen on the side of the highway.
Did you collaborate with this senior on the wardrobe for the session?
I did – but the brief was simple – wear something black, something fitted – so that the gown designers can see your body shape, and wear heels to elongate your legs. This Senior has just started studying make up artistry and offered to do her own hair and makeup – I was so incredibly impressed by her skills – she did an amazing job!!
What camera, lens and equipment was used in this photo shoot?
For the most part I used my Nikon D5000 and the 55-200mm/4-5.6 kit lens. I also used my D700 for the first time with the 50mm/1.4 lens but being unfamiliar with all the extra buttons I opted to use my older camera for most of the shots. In hindsight I wish I had used my new camera more that day because the pics taken with that lens are just divine.
What time of day was this shot? 
This shot was taken at the end of winter at about 3:30pm. In winter it’s quite dark here by 6pm.
Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing these photos?
Clean and simple. Very little post-processing was done to these shots – but I did use the patch tool to clean up any skin imperfections and the healing tool at about 25% to smooth the skin. In one of the shots I used a colored vintage texture and in order to erase the texture from being directly on top of her I drew around her with the lasso tool and then set the gaussian blur to 250. For the black and white conversions I used the gradient map and the 3rd black and white gradient option. To bring out some of the highlights and shadows I played with the dodge and burn tools. I don’t have Light Room and/or any other software programs that I can use to edit RAW files so I still shoot in jpeg. As a result, the less re-touching I have to do, the better.
What is your favorite thing about these photos?
I love how beautiful and elegant she looks in all the photos. I also enjoyed working with this Senior so much so that we have a tonne of ‘concept shoots’ organized for 2012. She was confident and eased quickly into ‘posing’ mode. Similarly, she was able to interpret my ideas and make them her own with very little direction. I am used to giving my Seniors’ direction and enjoy it – but I was really able to get so much more out of this session because it flowed so well and the energy created left us both buzzing afterwards with excitement.
What do you want these photos to convey about this senior and about your photography business?
That she is ‘captivating’ and that it’s my job to capture and show that when taking photos. I believe that everyone has something about them that makes them intriguing and I love to discover what that is.
What is one tip about senior portrait photography that you can share with other photographers?
Be yourself! Don’t expect a Senior to be relaxed if you’re not! and have fun! I don’t watch TV much, I don’t own an iPod and well, I’m not really ‘with it’ when it comes to senior slang and technology – BUT…I am honest, I am transparent and I remember what it was like to be a ‘Senior’ and can relate to all the ‘cool’ stuff and the ‘not-so-cool’ stuff about being that age. If you give them a little bit of you – then they’ll give a bit of themselves.

Maya Laurent - Beautiful images. Love the simplicity of the makeup/hair. Makes the outfit stand out.