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  • Welcome to Seniorologie! Learning, taking notes and studying are all things we have in common with high school seniors. As photographers, we are as much students as any senior! Seniorologie is an inspirational blog dedicated to the study of senior portrait photography. We will post unique sessions, behind the scenes, marketing, business tips and more! And if you are a senior, we have posts for you too! Whether you are looking for a photographer in your area, fashion tips to help you get ready for your session or inspiration for your upcoming shoot, we have it! So sit back, take notes, learn and be inspired!

What to Wear Guide

I just got off the stage at the fabulous Seniors Ignite 2014 event and I am so thankful that I didn’t fall off the stage during my presentation!!  Haha!!

My presentation was all about how to elevate your senior’s style to create the perfect look for their senior photo session!  I had so many encouraging comments from the attendees and online and I am so grateful for you all!!  I love sharing information and fashion and style are definitely passions of mine!!

So many people came up to me after the presentation wanting to purchase the What to Wear Guide that I am releasing it TODAY!!!  Yay!!  This guide is 46-pages full of information and education to help inspire your seniors on what to wear for their photo sessions!  You will receive the psd files so all you have to do is switch out my photos for your photos!!  Send this to all your booked clients to get them excited and ready for their shoot!

This guide can work hand in hand with your own inspiration from Pinterest, Polyvore and Fashion posts on your blog!  All of this working together, will help create the perfect look for your seniors’ sessions and make them feel comfortable, confident and ready to rock their portrait session!!

This guide is available for ONLY $99 for 48 hours starting NOW!!  The price will increase to $149 after 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, February 27!  So get the guide now and start educating and inspiring your seniors before their sessions!

See photos from inside the guide below!  To purchase, click here!  All those that register and complete payment will be sent a link to download the guide.


Seniorologie Spotlight – {Share Your Images Saturday}

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Each week, we love seeing your images on our Facebook page!  Keep up the great work and keep posting your favorite Senior Image from a recent senior photo session on our wall (sized to 740 px wide) with your business name.  We pick the top three from the week and highlight those three in a post on Saturdays.  The winner for the week becomes our Seniorologie Spotlight Image of the Week and is showcased as Seniorologie’s Facebook Timeline Cover for the week.

Check out this week’s top three images and be sure to check our Facebook page Sunday to see which of these three is our Seniorologie Spotlight of the Week!

This week’s top three are Amanda Mae Photography, Jared Rey Photography and Janese Hockman Photography.

Senior Style – {The Romper}

A romper is one of those pieces that is easy to wear and all one piece.  No finding a shirt to go with a bottom or vice versa…its a complete outfit in one piece.  This is why I love a romper!

I can actually remember my very first romper ever…I was probably 9 or 10 and I was at the beach with my grandmother.  There was a terry cloth kelly green strapless romper that I just had to have!  I begged and begged and thus got my first romper!:)

Rompers have come a long way since then but one thing remains the same…they are perfect dressy or casual and just right for senior sessions this summer!

Check out the inspiration board below and if you are a senior photographer, be sure to pin this so all your seniors can be inspired on what to wear!


Summer Rompers

Senior Inspiration – {Little Bird Photography}

Some sessions just showcase the senior’s personality perfectly.  When I look at this session, I see a friendly, happy girl who shines in these photographs.

Tori Cox of Little Bird Photography in Texas did an excellent job of showcasing the senior and allowing her to shine through these photographs.  Check out this session below and read what Tori had to say about this session.

Thanks for sharing your work with us Tori!!




What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?
Logan is a fun and free spirit. I wanted the shoot to have a softness to it, but still to show her friendly, outdoorsy side.

Where did this photo shoot take place?
We shot this in two separate locations. The shoot started at an old historic bridge. We then moved to a beautiful farm owned by family friends as the sun was setting.

Did you collaborate with this senior to come up with the clothing and/or concept for this shoot?
Yes. Logan sent me photos of potential outfits and we discussed what she wanted her final look to say about her as I helped her choose. She loves bright colors and wanted something that would complement the fall leaves that were on the trees at the time.

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 70-200mm 2.8L & 85mm 1.8
What time of day were these taken?
Late afternoon. Just before sunset.

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?
I like to have a lot of color in my images but also like to keep a softness to my processing so they have a dreamy feel.

What is your favorite thing about this session?
The fall colors!

What do you want this session to convey about this senior and about your senior photography style?
I want it to convey a softness that I love to have in my work and also showing the laid-back, fun personality of Logan. It’s important to me that each senior shoot shows their personality while also putting my artistic talents on display.

What is one tip you can share with other photographers regarding photographing seniors?
Have fun! Engage in casual conversation via text, phone calls, or social media prior to the shoot. That way, when you meet for the shoot, you have already built a friendship with your client.

Senior Inspiration – {Kate Luber Photography}

Senior Guys are just as fun to photograph as Senior Girls!  And we are so excited to share this awesome senior guy session today!

Kate Luber of Kate Luber Photography submitted this Senior Guy Session saying that she wanted to capture this senior in an urban setting to capture the masculinity of the client.

Check out this session below and read what Kate had to share about it.  Thanks for sharing your work with Seniorologie Kate!




What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?
I really wanted to capture an urban feel and capture the masculinity of the senior.

Where did this photo shoot take place?
Downtown Oklahoma City

Did you collaborate with this senior to come up with the clothing and/or concept for this shoot?
I tend to prefer darker tones in my images, so I discussed with his mother the color palette and feel of the outfit that would best suit the location chosen.

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS

What time of day were these taken?

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?
I like to use a multiply layer on the background of photos to bring out the color and texture of the background.

What is your favorite thing about this session?
Ethan was a natural in front of the camera. We drove around and chose locations that would suit the feel of the shoot as well as his outfit. He was up for anything and every photo looked fantastic.

What do you want this session to convey about this senior and about your senior photography style?
I wanted strong images that would both reflect my bold style of photography as well as the growing strength of the senior as he sets out on his own.

What is one tip you can share with other photographers regarding photographing seniors?
I really try to keep seniors in their comfort zone. As long as your senior is comfortable, they will be at ease with you and with the camera and their personality will come through in the images. It’s about making them the best version of themselves not someone else entirely.

Topic Tuesday – {Partnering with a Boutique – Part 2}

Last week I shared the first part of Partnering with a Boutique, which you can read here.  This week I will be adding to that process with the information below.

After you have decided to partner with a boutique and taken the first steps, which is to do your research, ask your seniors about what boutiques they love and visit those boutiques, its time to take that research and put it to good use.

Start Shopping – I know in the last post I mentioned visit the boutiques.  That step is intended for you to check out the possible boutiques and see if they fit with your brand.  Start Shopping is for you to start visiting that boutique several times to make a presence at that boutique prior to asking them to partner.  Rather than being just a stranger that pops in and immediately asks for something, why not take time to frequent the boutique so you face is recognizable?  Kind of like courting or dating the boutique!:) I feel like this starts a rapport with the boutique and others you to begin a relationship with them, making it easier to make a connection in order to partner up with them

Set Up a Meeting – After you have decided on a boutique that you wish to partner with, visited that boutique to make sure they fit in with your brand, and done a little shopping to further create a possible relationship with that boutique, its time to set up a meeting.

When I first approached the boutique that I work with, I did all the steps I have mentioned.  On one of my visits to the store, I asked one of the employees who I would speak to if I wanted to talk to someone about photographing and working with them on future projects.  This gave me the info I needed to make sure I contacted the correct person, plus it put a little bug in their ear that I might be contacting them.  I also had a persons’ name to refer to in my contact email to the manager, as I mentioned that employee that gave me the manager’s name.

Setting up a meeting can be done either in person if you know the manager will be in the store when you drop by or via email.  I chose email because I knew from my research that the store owner wasn’t in the store as often so I knew I could get her via email.  I drafted an email that introduced myself, explaining I was a local photographer, mentioned that I got her name and email from her employee and said that I would love to meet with her about the possibility of working together.  I explained that I specialized in high school seniors and that one of the first questions that my clients ask is what to wear.  I said that I would love to have a specific boutique to send my clients to where they could get help picking out clothing for their photo shoots.  I mentioned that I would love to meet with them to discuss the possibility of partnering and made sure to include photos from my portfolio and links to my website.

No matter how you choose to reach out, either by email or in-person, be sure to mention how you can help them instead of making it all about you.  Because I mentioned that what to wear is a major concern for all my clients and offering to refer them to each and every senior, really captured their interest.

Prepare for the Meeting – After you have a meeting set up, its time to prepare for the meeting.  The worst thing you could do is just show up and hope that your dazzling personality will get you the partnership!

So what can you do to prepare??  Create a presentation to showcase your work and have a list of ideas of how partnering can help the boutique.  Again, make sure to point out how partnering with you can help them.

I created a presentation in Keynote and used my ipad to showcase that presentation.  It wasn’t super formal but rather an organized way to showcase my work and then give them ideas of what I thought could help showcase their business with my clients.  In addition to a slideshow of my portfolio work, I had a list of things such as hosting Senior Night at the boutique to bring in my clients to their store.  I also asked them if they would be interested in giving me a stack of coupons to add to each senior client’s welcome folder, giving them a discount so they can get great clothes for their senior session.  And third, I mentioned doing a photo shoot with clothing from their boutique for my 2015 Spokesmodel Shoot and would give them the photos so they could use them on their website, facebook and social media.

There are many things you can work with a boutique on.  I suggest picking out your top three to discuss during your first meeting.  As you continue the relationship with the boutique, you can offer to do some of the other ideas you have.  Possibilities include fashion blog posts on your blog featuring clothing from the boutique to give your senior clients suggestions on what to wear, photo shoots each season and even a look book for the boutique, and many other options.

Work with your boutique and brainstorm together on things you can do together.  Nurture your relationship and keep it growing so you can continue to work with the boutique to benefit both your business and theirs.

Brittney - Love this post! This is EXACTLY what I was needing!!!